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Park Ridge Under 11s played at Victoria Point Sharks. Wow what a game! Due to the Pirate spirit the kids dominated all around the ground. The back line held their wall and only let the opposition score 2 goals through the game. There were some standout players, it was like watching the twin show, Connor and BG stood up and took anything that came at them. And Toby, with 2 goals and so much hardness at the ball. It was such a hard fought game. The kids just never gave up.

Final score

Pirates - 32

Victoria Point - 12



The Pirates hosted the Victoria Point Sharks on what was a great day for footy. Not too cold, the sun was out and a sense of inspiration was in the air.

The pre-game warm up and drills always sets a benchmark for what to expect, and in this case, the team were on point with their handball skills, communications, kicks and marks.

In true Pirate fashion though, they went out in the first quarter and made everything look so much harder than it had to be. The Pirates spent a lot of time following the ball around, giving the Sharks the first opportunity to strike. With a number of forward 50 entries, the Pirates congested the contest, limiting their opportunities to score. At quarter time, the pirates looked like they were out of gas, but some instruction and direction saw some structure return to the game and the Pirates go into the half time break with a lead of 3.4–22 to 2.2–14

The second half of footy was the style and commitment we like to see from the Pirates. The Pirates spread the ball well and were hitting short targets and breaking the line. The instruction was for more run and carry, and the Pirates delivered with plenty of run from the backline and the midfield. It was during the second half that you could almost hear the spirit of the Pirates building. Every forward entry for the Sharks was met with strong defence shutting down any scoring opportunities. The Pirates defenders were able to link with the midfield and drive the ball forward.

The Pirates had countless forward entries and had opportunities to capitalise, but again, congesting the ball and a bit of individual effort crept in which foiled scoring opportunities. Nonetheless, the Pirates had a good win over the Sharks and remain in the hunt for finals footy.

When the Pirates are on, they are on. We know they can play a good brand of footy and are second to no other team. Leading to finals can be a stressful time for the team, so we call on all parents and supporters to instil belief, to motivate and look after the Team.

Final Score

Pirates 7.8–50

Sharks 2.3–15


Pirates U14’s take home the chocolates in local Derby against Calamvale!

After playing Calamvale earlier in the year, this game was going to be a true test of how far we have came as a team in the McDonalds cup.

It was no surprise to me to see the pirates come out and score within the opening minute of the game. But as we knew Calamvale were not going to be an easy push over and they controlled the ball well kick marking and moving it well out of our forward line.

With a reset of mindset at quarter time, and us working well to nullify their kick mark, we moved quickly to control the game. Dominating inside 50’s, centre clearances , tackles and contested marks. We transitioned well, and looked to move the ball sideways and backwards to go forward, looking very sharp. And after playing the best teams in the competition, we were hard at the ball, and were rewarded for our effort.

Earlier in the year we beat Calamvale by 31pts. Last night we extended this, to win 10.11.71 to 2.2.14. A great reward for effort, big hearts and never say die attitude.

Huge congratulations to Ethan Black aka Blacky on your 100th game mate. Well done, and got a huge goal too mate!


A well deserved win to the Pirates

Final Score

Pirates - 13.11-89

Western Magpies - 1.0-6

A huge THANKS to the young people who stepped up to help out - Rose Collins, Lainey Catton and Dom's friend... and the three Dads - Wayne Flegg, Allan Waddell and Ben Clare. Our boys can't play footy without the help. And of course Coaching from Hayden Forbes who noted that this was a "great effort from the boys against a physical Sherwood side to secure our biggest win of the season" - Team Manager Ashleigh Lang and Runner Ryan Kenny - we appreciate everything you do for the team.

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