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The u14’s traveled to take on the top side Morningside. With only 15 u14’s and 3 u12’s (playing their second full game for the day) the cards were against us.

Morningside kicked quick goals in the first quarter, and it could easily have been a white wash from this point. Coming into the first break 5.3 to 0. But as is the pirate spirit we fought hard in the second to make it a contest between the 50’s. Keeping morningside to 2.2 to our 2 points. We had proven we could score and we needed to work harder.

Playing the second half with 17 players, we re grouped and kept morningside to 5.7 to 3.0 for the second half. A huge effort from the team and a lot to take out of it. Along with the proof we can match these big clubs.

The final score was Morningside 12.12-84 to Park ridge 3.2-20

With 4 u14’s due to come back into the team next week, we are excited for the run home into finals.


Welcome back to the footy after the school holiday break. Pirates hosted the Moreton Bay Lions, and as much as it was a brilliant looking day weather wise, the temperature was in single figures, which is always going to make it hard get motivated. The last game with the Lions was close, but the Pirates managed a last-minute win, so it was on the cards this game would be tough. As a motivator, the Pirates had a player celebrating 100 games.

From the first ball up, it was evident the Pirates were still on holidays and 19 imposters turned up to take their place. The Lions dominated from the middle and got numbers to the ball. The Pirates failed to apply pressure in defence and struggled to hit targets, take marks and pick up the ball. By half time, the score was still low but the Lions held the lead at 21 to 10.

The second two quarters saw no improvement from the Pirates, and the Lions capitalised. The opposition ran into space allowing the Lions to spread the ball and move in numbers. The Lions were able to kick 4 more goals to the Pirates one goal.

I maintain that Pirates have the ability to beat every team in the competition, but to do it, they have to play as a team, play for each other, be accountable and play to win.

Final score

Pirates 2.5-17

Lions 7.3–45

Thanks to all the supporters who braved the cold conditions and as usual, all the support staff (Manager, Boundary umpires, water runners, first aiders and timekeeper etc.)

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