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Round 8 Youth Match Reviews


After such a long stint of away games, the Pirates got to host the Ipswich Cats. And let me start by saying it was great weather for a game of footy.

The team don’t usually like an early start, but today something was different! All the players were pumped and keen to hit the field, despite there being a bit of chatter about the cats being on the top of the table.

We all knew that the Pirates had the upper hand. The ground today was the pirate ship and like any good sailor, you have a cat aboard for good luck. And it seemed having the Cats aboard was extremely good luck!

From the first siren the Pirates dominated the Cats across all areas of the field. The midfield were clearing the ball out and delivering it nicely to the forward line who were providing loads of opportunities. Once in the forward 50, the mid field went about locking it in and the backline pushed up and cut off any opportunities for the Cats.

Throughout the game, the Cats were trying to use numbers to the ball, but the Pirates played to their structures and kept winning the contest. Good combinations of kicks, handballs, shepherds and hits saw the Cats chasing the Pirates around the field. The Cats didn’t know how to respond. They were in the litter box and couldn’t claw their way out.

The team work displayed was exceptional; and today, every player contributed to every point on the scoreboard. But it wasn’t only about the Pirates score. It was the defensive work to prevent the Cats from scoring points.

So by the end of the game, the Pirates sailed to an exceptional victory, in fact, the best one all year; while the Cats had their claws trimmed!

SCORE: Pirates 14.14-98 to Cats 1.1–7

Thanks to all the on-field assistance (time keeper, first aid, runner, manager, water carriers ground marshal etc) and special thanks to all the supporters on the side line. The cheers from the sideline inspire the team to put on a good show.


With a mid morning start, the u14’s played Sandgate at home. With a lot of players being away sick, and still recovering we recruited 3 u12’s.

The game started strong, and was a real arm wrestle in the first 1/2. The ball transitioned well by both teams, with the back lines really holding strong to prevent easy scoring. At half time, and only a couple of goals in it, the team were working towards pegging back the small lead Sandgate had. Unfortunately they kicked an early goal and put scoreboard pressure on us. From this time we played catch up football, showing glimpses of what we can do, with some well thought out transitions of play.

Sandgate eventually came out winners Park ridge 1.2.8 to 6.13.49.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers that help out each and every week, without all of you we cannot take to the field.

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