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Round 7 Youth Match Reviews


The pirates ventured into shark infested waters taking on Victoria Point today. It was a great field to play on, but it holds the moisture, making it a very wet and slippery ball. The first and second quarters saw a dominant mid field win it out of the centre using combinations of handballs, kicks and run. Once in the forward 50, the wet ball spent most of the time on the ground, being paddled and pushed around limiting the Pirates ability to capitalise, but still hold a half time lead of 24 points.

The third quarter saw a complete breakdown in structure and the teamwork witnessed in the first half was now waning. The Pirates spent most of the quarter chasing the Sharks and the back line were under the pump. The Sharks took the opportunity to claw back within 2 points at the final break.It always comes down to the final quarter and why should this week be any different!

The Sharks could smell the blood in the water and were in a frenzy, but the Pirates returned to their structures. The midfield again turned it on in the centre and the forwards were spreading well and providing good leads, shepherds and some massive hits. When the ball did come out, the backs had moved down the field and cut it off and push it back into the forward 50.

At the final siren the Pirates had sailed through the shark infested waters and come out with a win.

SCORE - Sharks: 5 – 0 – 30 to Pirates: 5 - 13 - 43

As usual, thanks to all the support personnel (manger, runners, water carriers etc) and a big thanks to Tony, parents and supporters.

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U14’s hosted Aspley Parfitt today. With the game starting at 9am it was almost playing wet weather footy with the amount of dew in the ground.

We hit the ground running and hit the scoreboard early with the first goal. The next 2 and a bit qtrs was a real arm wrestle, with every contest, mark, tackle hard fought. At every stoppage there were two to three tackles before the ball got out. At half time, we were only down a couple of goals, and were still well in the contest. The first half of the third qtr, we continued to fight hard. But as it is against the better sides, small moments = goals, and we had a couple kicked on us late.

The last qtr we came out with the determination that is the pirates way. We kept running hard, and fought hard.

We are very proud of the way this group has bounced back, playing the best sides. Today we transitioned the ball well at times, we fought hard and made Aspley earn every kick, mark and goal. Every game we play against the better sides will make us better, faster and stronger. Keep up the great work, and see you all at training on Tuesday.

SCORE: Pirates: 1.2-8 to Aspley: 8.8-56


The u16’s travelled to Kenmore on Friday night and as is traditional the night was chilly with a heavy dew. From the beginning it was evident that the teams would need to adjust to the slippery conditions and that the ball was going to be won on ground skills and in the contests.

The first quarter saw both teams struggling to adjust to the conditions which reflected the low score. The second quarter saw the Park Ridge spirit come to the fore with players going hard into the contests and moving the ball forward. This resulted in holding Kenmore scoreless whilst putting on 9 points to lead at half time 20 to 7 although we were starting to sustain injuries which complicated our structure.

The third quarter saw the boys step up a gear and really go in hard and present options going forward. Some much needed goals saw us lead at 3/4 time 33 to 8 however injuries to Danny, Bomber and Scotty reduced our bench to nil for the last quarter. Despite the players being exhausted they did not give up and their efforts truly reflected the Park Ridge spirit with the final score being 33 to 11.

Due to outs coming into the game we tried a few players in different roles and to their credit they took on the role with determination. I am proud of the whole playing group and the reliability and consistency from Eddie, Matty, Forbes, Riley and Bondy. I wish Scotty a speedy recovery. Very, very proud, of our pirates.

SCORE: Kenmore:1.5-11 to Pirates 4.9-33

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