Youth Best & Fairest Vote Count...

Important information! Please read...

The 2017 youth vote count and presentation of trophies this Saturday the 14th is all set to be a great morning for all involved. Due to the very tight time restraints we have at the tavern we have decided to get the vote count started so that we will be finished on time before the lunch trade starts.

The leader board up to and including round eight is posted here for all to see. Following this, on Wednesday night we will post the next leader board up to round 14. The last five rounds will be read out round by round at the presentation.

Good luck to all players!


Up To Round 8

Max Murdock 9

Joshua Chalmers 6

Heath Seadon 4

Andrew Sorbello 7

Ciaran Worth 5

Liam Tidd 1

Kingston Rogers 5

Caleb Lennen 2

Chealsea Reilly 2

Dyon Badnall - Gallagher 1

Israel Leota 5


Up To Round 8

Kobe Cumming 6

Tiare Broughton - Ferris 9

Kaleb Nolen 9

Jacob Flegg 3

Brayden Hayes 1

Edward Schuller 3

Cody Wilkinson 3

Bert Jarrett 2

Daniel Jarrett 1

Riley Halaz 1


Up To Round 8

Rose Collins 8

Georgia Ashdown 1

Chealsea - Rose Seadon 5

Monet Ferris 10

Ruby Mann 4

Ashleigh Maiuri 8

Olivia Harmer 5


Up to Round 8

Dylan Schoemaker 4

Brandon Holamotu 4

Tom Hurst 7

Luke Hedge 1

Riley Greene 6

Joshua Alford 4

Ethan Clements 2

Fred Ashdown 5

Zac Briggs 6

Ethan Lennen 1

Hayden Forbes 1

Nathan Colenso 6

Andrew Jarrett 1

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