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Alpha Cup 2017

Alpha Cup Match at Home Saturday 11th March Report from Coach Timothy Pearson

Saturday we took on one of the top ranked teams of Div 2 in Kenmore for our second Alpha Cup trial game .

The day kicked of with the army of volunteers setting up the ground, bar, and canteen, well done we all appreciate it. The 2s took the field first. The pre-game started with a few words from me as Senior Coach followed by a hand over from last years Reserves coach Nick Pearson to the current reserves coach Jay Parker. (It was touching. I had a tear)

The boys took the field led by the days co-captains Rhys (Rabbit) and Macca, very under-manned and playing a very good team we went down by a bit. There was many positives that we can take out of the day and we had to start somewhere. We will continue to improve . The seniors took the field and from the start we could see the immediate improvement from last week.

We welcomed back Wayno, Mitchy and Bryce and were terrific inclusions, playing a very big bodied team we were great around most stoppages and decision making was better, some of the ball movement from back to front was good to watch . Young Zak had a ripper first half flying and taking most high balls in his area. Vasta and Sulks controlled the ruck, while Nat was a standout down back, best for mine was Skipper for the day, Lingy.

We went down by a couple of kicks in the end.

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